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Visitor Information

Welcome to Labtec (Services) Ltd

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 apply to visitors and contractors on our premises. In the interests of your safety, we would be grateful if you could observe the following guidelines:


Please ensure that in parking your vehicle you have not caused an obstruction to emergency escape routes or exits.

In Case of Fire

Should the fire alarm sound, the person accompanying you will direct you the emergency assembly point. Please remain at the assembly point until the “all-clear” is given or the person acting as the Emergency Co-ordinator gives you permission to leave. The fire alarm is tested each Friday between 1000 – 1100hrs

In Case of an Accident

The Company has formally trained personnel on site to deal with the situation should an accident occur. Additionally, the Health & Safety Officer will be informed and an investigation will be initiated. Injuries of a serious nature will be reported to the enforcing authority.


Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings or within the site perimeter.

Safety in the Manufacturing Areas

When entering the manufacturing areas please be aware:

The use of powered tools means that there may be trailing electrical leads or airlines on the floor.

Do not approach workstations whilst power tools are being used.

Forklifts trucks are used in the manufacturing, stores, warehouse and loading areas, both internally and externally.

Do not touch equipment and please obey warning signs

Use the designated walkways unless you have been given permission to move outside these safety zones.

Do not enter restricted areas when equipment is under test unless given permission to do so by your host

Protective Clothing – Visitors

If you are likely to enter test or manufacturing areas, then the wearing of protective clothing will possible be required. This will be provided by the visitor, for your visit(including safety footwear).

Please Note: safety footwear is required to be worn within the manufacturing and areas.

Protective Clothing – Contractors

The wearing of safety footwear is mandatory.

The wearing of safety eyewear is mandatory for all activities involving the cutting of materials i.e. sawing, drilling etc.

Please advise your host of any activities you intend to carry out that require additional safety measures to be taken.

As far as reasonable practicable you will be accompanied by your host or by another member of staff during your visit.

It is important for your safety that you do not enter in to manufacturing areas unaccompanied.

Signing in and out of the Premises

For your safety we must be aware that you are on site. Having read & understood these guidelines please sign in at reception and wear your visitor’s badge at all times. Please return your badge and sign out at the end of your visit.

We hope your visit is enjoyable and productive.

A site plan is included on the reverse of this document for your orientation.

Evacuation Map

Please click here to download our evacuation map.